Grad Story #5


Grad Story #5


Rich Patterson 

Early Childhood Education


Master of Science, Early Childhood Education, '09. McNair Scholar. Graffiti Artist. Early Childhood Educator. Mentor. 


Former professional basketball player, Rich Patterson always valued working with kids and helping them to succeed. His path to education, while unconventional, has given him the tools to continue making a difference. Rich's passion for making education available to those in need is infectious. He is now sharing his experience, his knowledge and his research working in a literary center that caters to children of low income families, with learning difficulties. 


"We need to motivate males to teach! Make it appealing, make more programs male-friendly. Places are looking for men in early childhood education. I think it's important research. It's something I am really passionate about. 


"The decision to leave New York and come to UND... this journey...was about so much more (than money). It was about finding out who I could help, how I could make a impact on young children and be a positive influence on people. I wanted to be a role model for them. These kids are our future. That's why I teach! If I can help one of these kids become a productive member of society, my job is done. If I reach many? Wow! What a gift!"


Susan Caraher


The Graduate School, UND



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