Grad Story #11


Grad Story #11


Tom Stolla 

Space Studies


What drew me to the program is my interest in space first of all and this program in Space Studies had breadth of classes I wanted. It wasn’t just astronomy, space craft design, or engineering. It was the whole realm. I have a particular interest in planetary science, but also wider interests that include astronomy and space missions.

The coursework gives a well-rounded view. While some areas may not be your strengths, it's still good to be immersed within them to gain a well-rounded picture. It's important to know beyond the science into the reality of getting science into the real world, like politics and funding, etc.

The distance program made it attractive as I have children and did not want transplant them from their schooling. I believe it's more challenging than an on-campus program. But it is rewarding and it has its conveniences. You really have to be self motivated. But when it's something you are interested in and something that means a lot to you, it’s easy to be self motivated.


Susan Caraher


The Graduate School, UND



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